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Public Safety Abbreviations

Public Safety Agency/Term:                                                            Abbreviation:

Fulton County Sheriff Department                                                  FCSD

Rochester Fire Department                                                            RFD

Rochester Police Department                                                         RPD

Fulton County EMS                                                                        FCEMS

Henry Fire Department(Akron)                                                       HFD

Liberty Fire Department(Fulton)                                                     LFD

Kewanna Fire Department                                                              KFD

Aubbeenaubbee Fire Department(Leiters Ford)                            AFD

Wayne Fire Department(Grass Creek)                                          WFD

Indiana State Police-Peru District                                                  ISP

Indiana Department of Nature Resources-law enforcement          INDNR

Indiana Department of Transportation-state highway                    INDOT

Fulton County Highway Department                                              FCHD

Rochester City Street Department                                                RSD

Public Service Announcement/Alert                                              PSA

Public Safety Announcement/Alert                                               PSaA

For your information                                                                     FYI

Attempt to locate                                                                          ATL

Unable to locate                                                                           UTL



Also when we use abbreviations for other counties the first 2 letters is the county and the last 2 letters will be sheriff department. Such as Miami County Sheriff Department will be MCSD. For a city police department will be the first letter the city and last 2 letters will police department and the same thing for the fire departments. Such as Peru Police Department will be PPD and Macy Fire Department will be MFD.

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