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UPDATE(1/21/2016): From Fulton County 911 Communications(4:20 pm); Frank Davis is now in custody and resides at the Marshall County Jail.

From Fulton County 911 Communications:

Marshall County is looking for Frank Davis. If you have seen him or know where he is located please call Marshall Co 1-800-800-6999. Frank Davis is on the Marshall County Sex Offender List and at this time Frank Davis is wanted for an invasion of privacy charge.

Mr. Davis was last known working on a hog farm here in Fulton County. You can also contact Fulton County Sheriff Dept with any information at 574-223-2819.

Pictures below are the same ones from the Marshall County Sex Offender List. They do show as to why he is currently on the list, where he works, and why there is currently a warrant for his arrest.