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Just in from scanner: FCSD got a report of a structure fire in the 1600 North block of 200 West. RFD, KFD, and AFD has been dispatched to the scene. FCEMS also dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE(2:58 PM): Aubbee Fire reports heavy black smoke showing.

UPDATE(3:07 PM): RFD in now on scene.

UPDATE(3:13 PM): AFD now on scene.

UPDATE(3:24 PM): RFD advise that the fire is now under control.

UPDATE(4:07 PM): RFD advises that fire is out, just putting out hot spots.

UPDATE(4:11 PM): KFD is now clearing the scene.

UPDATE(4:29 PM): All fire units have shut down the trucks.

Just in from scanner: FCSD got a report of a vehicle that is off the road on US 31 and 3rd Street. Caller stated that the driver is slumped over the wheel. FCSD and FCEMS have been dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE(3:00 PM): FCEMS is on scene.

UPDATE(3:13 PM): FCSD is on scene.

Just in from scanner: RFD and KFD have been dispatched to the area of Olson Rd and the 1800 West block for a yard fire that is near a gas tank.

Update: Caller states that they put the fire out with a garden hose, but still requesting fire to repond.

Update: RFD has disregarded KFD.


Just in from scanner. FCSD got a report of a personal injury accident on US 31 and 50 North in the Southbound lane. Unknown on how many patients. FCSD, RFD, FCEMS are enroute.

UPDATE(1:16 PM): FCSD, and FCEMS now on scene. Medics advise that no entrapment involved.

UPDATE(1:18 PM): RFD now on scene.

UPDATE(1:23 PM): RFD has cleared the scene.

UPDATE(1:24 PM): FCEMS has requested a second medic unit to respond. FCEMS also advise that there are possible 8 patients involved in this accident but there will be some refusals of transport to the hospital.

UPDATE(1:29 PM): FCSD has requested 2 wreckers to respond.

Phone Scam Alert: I had just received a phone call that they were claiming to be with the federal government. They claimed that I was chosen to receive a federal grant that I will never had to repay back, the amount was $7,500.00. The first person that I talked to was just an introduction to the scam, and he had me disconnect with him and then call a second person, in which advised me on the rest of the scam. The second person advised me that I was to head out to our nearest Money Gram store, which is Walmart, when I was to arrive at Walmart I was to call him back and remain on the line with him until I submit a $150.00 "refundable" service fee and that had to be in cash. Had to all this before I receive the grant money. The first call I received was a number of 543-210-9876, and that person had me to call this number 360-200-0886.