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With a reader that “likes and/or follows” this page you have agreed and accepted these policies and rules.  If we add a new policy and/or rule, we will post that new policy/rule.  This way if any reader does not agree with the new policy/rule, they can opted out to“unlike” this page and if the reader chooses to continue to“like/follow” this page, you as the reader have accepted and agree to the new policy/rule. If any reader that has any question or comments about these policies and/or rules, please send a private message, and a manager or an admin will read it and get back with you.


If any of the policies and rules get broken, your comment will be deleted for a maximum of 2 times and on the 3rd time your comment will be deleted and that violator will be banned.  If a violator posts comments about a manager or an admin that is destructive, hateful, or just so bad to allow the post, that violator will be banned.



  1. Managers and admins are not to put no person(s) in harms way, by posting unverifiable material. All material is to be verified before posting. We will get our verification from any law enforcement agency, weather we have to call the station, view a posting, or receive an email thru, either way that is considered a verification. Another source to get a verification is thru a news agency, if we see a posting from a news agency that is to be considered verification. Any other media outlet agency such as radio and newspaper, if we see a posting from them, that will be considered verification. I have a couple of weather computer program installed in my computers, and those programs are from These programs allow me to get the same information that our law enforcement uses. When I post that information on the page, I do use copy and paste functions. I do not retype that information. Yes I rearrange the information with in the posting to suite the readers of the Police and Weather Update Page, but the general information that came with the update is still the same. I do fix misspelled words and structure of the update. If information and news worthy is heard thru the police scanner, we are to post it as heard from the police scanner. The online police scanner does goes thru and it is a live feed that has a 30 secs to 1 min delay listening time, and thru the feed is normally recorded by and after some record time that recording is archived and that will allow any listener to hear what was said. 

  2. We as managers and admins on Police and Weather Update Page are volunteers, we do our best to keep all of our readers informed of any news worthy and weather worthy information. At times mistakes do and will happen, when they do will you as a reader send us a private message and just let us know where and about the mistakes.  We as staff on this page are not on Facebook and this page 24 hours a day, so when we are that is when we will post things.  When there are scanner happenings that is when we are on this page for an extended amount of time, to allow us to give all of our readers the most up to date updates.

  3. There will be NO scanner postings of suicides, attempted suicides,and homicides. Unverifiable information will also be not posted until it does get verified. The only time we will post any of these situations is when a law enforcement agency, news agency, radio agency, and/or newspaper agency posts that information from their own site, than and only than we will share that posting, pending approval from family, or close friends of the person/victim. At any time if you as a reader sees any posting that you might not like or sees it as offending, send us a private message and explain why you find it offending. If any admin agrees with the reader that posting will be deleted. For any scanner postings that we write and if any reader is a family member of anyone involved in a posting and you find that post is offending to you, please send us a private message telling us that you are a family member, which post you are talking about and requesting that the post to be deleted.  Once we receive that request that post will be deleted.  Some of our information that we get is not associated with public safety or weather, but it is information that needs to get put out, we will use the “FYI: or PSA:” settings. 

  4. When we have any postings that comes from the scanner, all readers will AVOID THE AREA AT ALL COST, UNTIL THAT AREA HAS BEEN CLEARED BY ALL PUBLIC SAFETY AGENCIES. 

  5. When we post scanner postings there will not be any names of victim(s) and/or suspect(s) mentioned on this page.  The exact location of any incident will not be given out on this page.  Unless we get approval from law enforcement, involved family members or friends of the victim or suspect or we receive the information in a news release from a law enforcement site or news agency site.  The only time we will post names of callers, victims and/or suspects is when certain aspects of the case allows us to.  If any reader that happens to know the names of any one that is involved in the incident or crime, you shall NOT post or comment that information on this page.  When there are any scanner posts that involve vehicle(s) NO one shall not comment the vehicle type, make, color, model and plate.  The main reason why there will not be any posted names is to protect the identity of everyone involved in the case.  If any reader comment with any names and/or location of an incident that we post, that comment will be deleted.  If any of the above problems continues that reader will be banned.
  6. There is to be no sort of advertisements.  Advertisements is a public promotion of some product or service and/or a specific part of a publication that is sold for public notices or advertising.  Included in this, will be no personal, private owned company, or corporation advertisements, help wanted ads, and/or solicitation.   There will be NO local, state, or federal governmental job postings allowed on Police and Weather Update Page.
  7. For us as admins, we will post the most up to date information. For us to keep up with that, we will not post nothing that is older than 24 hours old. The only exception to this policy is if the information that is posted by a law enforcement agency and/or a news/media agency that it is an update of the posting.

  8. This is used for any weather postings:  We here at Police and Weather Update Page only post any information that we get from Facebook and/or news, or media websites.  We don't forecast the weather, we just "share" what information we see on Facebook, or news/media websites.  Any comments/questions that has to deal with the forecasting of weather, please direct them to the author of the postings.  The author of a post located in the title portion of the postings. Any other questions/comments that might arise please use the comments section.
  9. We will keep any weather related postings that we get from any weather or news agencies to 6 hours and under.  Any weather forecasting posts we will keep them to 2 hours or under.  The only exception to this is if there are any updates to a particular post that was already posted, we will post that as soon as we see that post.    
  10. If anybody or any groups that uses the Police and Weather Update Page to promote any illegal activity, that person or group will have charges brought onto them and banned for life. 
  12. Use of the blue line in law enforcement, which generally means a fallen or death of a police officer, will be used by this page when an officer has fallen and/or killed in the line of duty or if the officer was off duty.  We will post the blue line picture and the Policeman's Prayer for officers that have fallen for Fulton County/ Rochester, surrounding counties, surrounding cities, and ISP-Peru Post District.  If we get any information for the rest of Indiana, we will post them too.  The blue line picture will be used in place of the cover picture for a time of 5 days and the Policeman's Prayer as our profile picture for a time of 5 days.  After that we will replace both pictures back to the general page pictures.
  13. With our increasing postings, we will not post multiple postings of the same situation.  Instead of sharing the same post multiple times, we will post a comment of the link of the different post.  If any post that has been posted for 24 hours and has less than 150 people reached that post will be deleted, as long as that post does not have any shares and/or likes. 
  14. The managers reserve the right to update this policy and rules list at any time that is found necessary. 



  1. Please read the whole posting before asking any questions, most of your questions will be answered somewhere in that posting. If your questions are not answered than by all means ask away. Need to ask questions that only pertain to that posting.

  2. The use of major cuss words, foul language, rude comments, and obscene comments will not be tolerated on this page.  If any reader uses cuss words on this page, that comment will be automatically hidden until a manager can read the comment, if any reader uses the major cuss words your comment will just be deleted.  If a reader uses any minor cuss words in a comment a manager has the power to either unhide the comment or delete the comment, strictly up to a manager.  If any reader fails to stop in the use of major cuss words, that reader will be banned.  The occasional use of minor cuss words will be allowed.  If any reader that just won't stop on the use of any cuss words, that reader will also be banned.

  3. No readers shall fight with one another or any managers and/or admins, or have a conversation that is amongst yourselves on Police and Weather Update Page. If you want to converse with one another, please use your Facebook home page. If a reader agrees with another reader about a certain comment, than go ahead and agree with that comment. Keep these type of comments short, if you want to continue your conservation, please take it to a private message or use your own home page.

  4. Remember what any reader that comments on a post has not been verified and will not get verified.  Also what any manager and/or admin that comments on a post is what we hear on the police scanner and/or is what has been verified by local law enforcement or any news or any media agencies.  Also remember is what is said by any dispatcher on the police scanner is what that dispatcher was told by a caller or a complainant(CP).

  5. Hearsay: Heard through another person rather than directly. If any reader comments on a post that is considered hearsay, that comment will be deleted. If a reader comments hearsay more then 3 times, that reader will be banned for a period of 4 months. If that reader continues to comment hearsay after the ban has been lifted, that reader will be permanently banned. Hearsay comments causes more problems than what we here at Police and Weather Update Page can deal with.


It is illegal to listen to the police scanner in a vehicle. Also it is illegal to listen to a device such as Android, iPad, iPod, or another smartphone and/or smart device in your vehicle that has a scanner app uploaded into it. If you get stopped and caught listening to the scanner you will get your device taken away from you and possible get arrested for this and possible get a prison term out of this. So please use common sense and caution when listening to the scanner that is thru your smartphone, iPod, iPad and/or a other smart device. Below is the actual Indiana law that is about carrying a police radio and/or scanner.


Unlawful use of a police radio; exemptions; "police radio" definedSec. 12. (a) A person who knowingly or intentionally:(1) possesses a police radio;(2) transmits over a frequency assigned for police emergency purposes; or(3)possesses or uses a police radio:(A) while committing a crime;(B) to further the commission of a crime; or(C) to avoid detection by a law enforcement agency;commits unlawful use of a police radio, a Class B misdemeanor.(b) Subsection (a)(1)and (a)(2) do not apply to:(1) a governmental entity;(2) a regularly employed law enforcement officer;(3) a common carrier of persons for hire whose vehicles are used in emergency service;(4)a public service or utility company whose vehicles are used in emergency service;(5) a person who has written permission from the chief executive officer of a law enforcement agency to possess a police radio;(6) a person who holds an amateur radio license issued by the Federal Communications Commission if the person is not transmitting over a frequency assigned for police emergency purposes;(7) a person who uses a police radio only in the person's dwelling or place of business;(8) a person:(A) who is regularly engaged in news gathering activities;(B) who is employed by a newspaper qualified to receive legal advertisements under IC 5-3-1, a wire service, or a licensed commercial or public radio or television station; and(C) whose name is furnished by his employer to the chief executive officer of a law enforcement agency in the county in which the employer's principal office is located;(9) a person engaged in the business of manufacturing or selling police radios; or(10) a person who possesses or uses a police radio during the normal course of the person's lawful business.

(c)As used in this section, "police radio" means a radio that is capable of sending and/or receiving signals transmitted on frequencies assigned by the Federal Communications Commission for police emergency purposes and that:

(1) can be installed,maintained, or operated in a vehicle; or(2) can be operated while it is being carried by an individual.The term does not include a radio designed for use only in a dwelling.

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