Serving Fulton, Cass, Pulaski, Marshall, Miami, Wabash, and Kosciusko Counties in Indiana!

We as mangers and admins are not allowed to post or comment our own opinion on this page.  All managers and admins must have a home police scanner and a desktop or laptop computer.  You can use any device to listen to the scanner but in case if the online scanner goes down must have a back up so you can contiue to listen to what is happening.  You can use any device to access the Police and Weather Page and any device to post or comment on the page, but if that device goes down or any other issue that may arrise than you must have a back up to have access to the page.  



1.  Will be in charge of the amins.  They will handle anything thing that comes up with an admin for the general day to day buisness.

2.  When an admin messages about a bad comment you are to decide if a comment will be allowed or not.  If the comment is not allowed, that comment shall be hidden and send the author a private message asking them to edit the comment.  After 36 hours and if the author fails to edit the comment, just delete that comment. If the same author keeps up in posting bad comments, just ban that author.  If a comment is automatically hidden, than the manager is to decide whether to open it up to all readers or if bad enough to delete the comment.  After deleting the comment the manager has to send a private message to the author and inform them that if they continue in posting bad comments they will be banned.  If an admin reports a comment, than you have to decided to leave a message to the author asking them to edit the comment or just delete the comment.  If same problem keep arrising with the same author than ban the aurthor.

3.  If there are any questions or any verification that has to be done about any scanner traffic, they have to make contact with law enforcement or any other public safety agency to verify scanner information.

4.  Will be required to add to and/or update the policy and rule list as necessary.  If need to, will be allowed to add any additional responsibilies to the admin responsibility list.



1.  Any questions, concerns, or comments that you as an admin have please direct those to a page manager.

2.  Will create scanner posts and will also share other posts that met our policies and rules.  Will go thru each and every comment on the post you create and share.  Make sure that every comment meets our policies and rules, if they don't than hide that comment and message the manager to let them know about the comment.

3.  If any reader starts in with you as an admin, notify a manager or me immediately.

4.  If an admin has any ideas about a change in a policy or rule, or a new policy or rule, direct that to the manager.


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