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UPDATE(09/04/2015): Fulton County Coroner Darin Beeker has confirmed that the individual found in the woods off of 13th street 2 weeks ago is that of 23 year old Jeremiah Mathis. Officials have released no other information at this time other than stating that the investigation is ongoing.

Once police have released further information, that will be passed along immediately.


On May 24, 2015 Fulton County Sheriff Department, which is from Rochester, Indiana, received a phone call for a missing 23 year old male, Jeremiah Mathis. Jeremiah is described as a 23 yr old white male with a DOB of June 16, 1992. Jeremiah Mathis is 5'7" and 170 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. Jeremiah was last seen wearing black pants, dark blue t-shirt, and carrying a red lunch box. Mathis was last seen around 14:00 hrs(2:00 PM) on May 22, 2015, he was walking towards Walmart from the Wabash Ave area in Rochester, IN. On May 24, 2015 officers from the Fulton County Sheriff Department did a search for the missing male, nothing was found. Jeremiah Mathis has not been seen or heard from since his disappearance. On Monday, June 2, 2015 there was an organized search for him, that search came up nothing found. If you know the whereabouts or have information in locating Jeremiah Mathis please contact the Fulton County Sheriff's Department at 574-223-2819. If any reader/follower don't have access to a phone, but do have access to the internet you can leave a private message on the Facebook page, Police and Weather Update Page or the website,, and your information will be forwarded to the Fulton County Sheriff Department. Picture of Jeremiah Mathis is attached to this article.


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