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UPDATE(11:27 PM): Just before 7 p.m. Friday, a female deputy was transporting a inmate from the hospital to the Tippecanoe County Jail. During transport, the deputy was attacked and punched in the face in front of Kirby Risk on Sagamore Parkway. The inmate took the deputy's car and drove off.

Just in from the scanner: FCSD and other area sheriff depts just dispatched an officer safety/escape prisoner from Tippecanoe County, IN. At about 6:30 PM on 5/15/2015 was a prisoner escape and prisoner stolen from the Tippecanoe County Sheriff Dept was a White Dodge Charger that is a fully marked sheriff car. Sheriff deputy was transporting the prisoner back from the Hospital when the prisoner escaped and stolen the car. The escape and car theft all happened within Tippecanoe County, IN. Prisoner was wearing a blue prisoner jump suit at the time of the escape and theft of the car. Officer reported that he fired shots at the car and shot the driver's side window out. The sheriff car had fully loaded weapons inside the unit. The prisoner is now armed and dangerous and must not be approached if seen. For now it is unknown direction of travel. If prisoner and/or sheriff car is spotted do NOT approach, just call 911 and report the whereabouts.

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