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Just in from scanner: At about 3:10 PM Liberty Fire, Rochester Fire, Macy Fire, FCEMS, and FCSD has been toned out to a possible structure fire in the 3100 S East Lakeshore Dr. Caller states this could be a shed that is on fire.

UPDATE(3:18 PM): Liberty Fire arrived on scene. They advise nothing showing at this time.

UPDATE(3:20 PM): Liberty Fire has disregarded RFD, Macy Fire, and FCEMS.

UPDATE(3:35 PM): Liberty Fire has cleared the scene.



Just in from scanner: KFD got toned out for a grass fire/structure fire near 900 block of Noth Main St in Bruce Lake, IN. KFD now on scene. KFD advised that a structure is now on fire, believe to be a shed.

UPDATE(10:14 PM): KFD has cleared the scene.

Just in from scanner: At about 6:12 PM FCSD got a report of a 2 vehicle personal injury accident which is near US 31 and 3rd St in the Southbound Lane. There is atleast 1 patient at this time. Reports indicate the patient was on the way down to Indy for surgery. RFD, FCEMS, FCSD, and ISP was dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE(6:19 PM): FCSD on scene. RFD on scene. RFD requested that Samaritan Air Ambulance be put on standby.

UPDATE(6:27 PM): FCSD got another report of a possible accident near 700 N and US 31, Northbound Lane. Call came from Marshall County. Officer responded and to find out this vehicle had just a blown tire, and all is ok just, needing a wrecker to respond.

UPDATE(6:32 PM): FCSD has requested 2 wreckers for this accident.

UPDATE(6:37 PM): FCEMS is transporting patient to the Fulton County Airport to meet up with Samaritan. 

Just in from scanner: At 7:47 PM FCSD got a report of a large fire, possible structure fire, near 100 S and 1000 W. RFD, KFD, FCEMS, And FCSD got dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE(7:52 PM): KFD on scene. KFD advised RFD to disregard.

UPDATE(7:53 PM): KFD advised this fire is a controlled burn.

Just in from the scanner: Personal injury accident in the 5700 block of East Ft. Wayne Rd. Caller states that there is entrapment invovled in this accident. FCSD, RFD, and FCEMS have been dispatched to the scene. Akron PD is also responding.

UPDATE(1:19 PM): FCSD is now on scene.

UPDATE(1:21 PM): FCEMS-Medic 1 has requested that another medic unit to respond to this.

UPDATE(1:25 PM): Mentone EMS has been dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE(1:27 PM): FCSD has now requested the Fulton County Coroner to respond to this.

UPDATE(1:32 PM): FCEMS has now requested that Samaritan Air Ambulance be put on standby. There are multiple patients in this accident.

UPDATE(1:35 PM): FCEMS is now enroute to the airport to meet up with Samaritan.

UPDATE(2:09 PM): FCSD has requested a wrecker to respond.

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