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Just in from scanner: Vehicle accident at Mike Anderson Dealership, Vehicle vs Pole. RFD, RPD, and FCEMS was dispatched to the scene. Caller(driver) states that he possible passed out, medics are to continue. All emergency units have arrived at the scene.

UPDATE: RFD advise that this accident is in the parking lot and had struck a pole.

UPDATE: RPD advises that one of the cars that is on the lot have possible been struck, RPD requested that a representative from Mike Anderson to respond to this accident.

UPDATE: RPD now requested a county unit to respond to this accident.

UDATE: RFD has requested that Duke Energy to respond to this accident.

UPDATE: FCEMS has now requested that if Sam can fly for the patient.

UPDATE: FCEMS has requsted for Samaritan to fly.

Just in from scanner: Vehicle fire near Caston Schools. LFD, WFD, FCEMS, and FCSD have been dispatched to the scene. LFD now on scene.

UPDATE: LFD advised WFD to disregard.


This scanner posting is from the ealier Saturday morning mulitple vehicle accident on St Rd 25 near Caston School Corporation. At approximately 10:32 AM on 2/14/2015 there was a report of an accident near Caston Schools on St Rd 25. This report came in as unknown of any injuries. FCSD, FCEMS, and LFD was dispatched to the scene. Near 10:34 AM FCSD got a report of this accident now involves 8-9 vehicles, with this report LFD is now requesting the Twelve Mile Fire to respond to this accident for mutual aid. Cass County Sheriff Dept advised FCSD that they have a couple units headed to this accident to help from the Southern end of this accident. ISP-Peru Post advised FCSD that there is a unit responding too. At approximately 10:42 AM LFD went on scene. FCEMS requested that a second unit to respond to this accident. At approximately 10:44 AM FCEMS, FCSD, and ISP is on scene. At about 10:45 AM LFD has requested that FCEMA to respond to shut down St RD 25 and LFD has requested that Logansport EMS to respond to this accident. Further listening to the scanner FCEMS are requesting that they are needing a total of 4-5 medic units to this scene. FCSD advised that there are a total of 13 vehicles invovled in this accident. FCSD-dispatch advised that there are 5 wreckers responding to this accident, officers are requesting more wreckers to respond to this. LFD advised that ST Rd 25 from 100 S to about 1000 S was closed due to accidents. There was patients that was transported to Woodlawn Hospital and Logansport Memorial. At approximately 01:20 PM officers advise that as far as this accident goes St Rd 25 is open but due to weather conditions only be on it if necessary.

This link is the press release for the multiple accident that was near Caston Schools:

Now at about 11:04 AM, FCSD got a report of another accident near the New Holland Dealership on ST Rd 25. Caller adivse that there are mulitple vehicles pilling up behind this accident, caller also advise that these vehicles are probably not involved in this accident. FCSD and RFD was dispatched to this scene. FCSD got another call about a mulitple vehicle accident near 300 - 400 S on ST RD 25, unsure if this accident is the same one that is near New Holland. Caller adivsed that the accident near 300 S involves a semi, but the accident near New Holland does NOT involve a semi. FCSD is now assuming that there are 3 accident areas. RFD advised that they could not locate no accident near New Holland, they are continuing on to 300 S accident. RFD is on scene at the accident that is near 300 S and ST RD 25. There are only 2 accident scenes that is on ST Rd 25. RFD advised that is accident that is near 300 S is only a 2 car accident, everything behind this accident just pulled over. At about 12:10 PM this accident scene was cleaned up and St Rd 25 from 100 S to about 400 S was open. 

At 01:14 PM(exact time of dispatch) FCSD got a report of another multiple vehicle accident near 350 W and Olson Rd. Caller states that there might be injuries but unsure of injuries. FCSD, RFD, FCEMS was dispatched to the scene. At 01:15 PM(exact time of dispatch) FCSD got another call that says this is a confirmed personal injury accident, confirmed atleast 1 patient. At about 01:22 PM, RFD went on scene. At about 01:55 PM FCSD went on scene.

We didn't post all accidents/slide offs for this morning, but there were several near Akron on St Rd 19 and ST Rd 14 and serveral that was reported within the City of Rochester on St Rd 14 going towards Akron and there were several reported slide offs on ST Rd 25 South.

We at Police and Weather Update Page and would like to compliment our city and county dispatchers and officers and all the firefighters, EMS, and emergency workers on jobs well done today with all these mulitple vehicles accidents. I know just doing your jobs but with all these accidents as far as I know there was no life threating injuries in these accidents.

***Just as a reminder that all times on this article is not exact times, but they ALL are an approximate times with a 5 to 20 mins leeway. If any times say exact time of dispatch then that it when it was dispatched.***

Just in from scanner: FCSD got a report of a minor personal injury accident. Accident is between Fulton and Caston School on St Rd 25. Caller reports that a vehicle rolled over and driver of vehicle is complaining of a headache. LFD, FCSD, and FCEMS has been dispatched to the scene.

Update: At 5:24PM LFD went on scene. LFD advise that this accident is near 850 S.

Update: At 5:27PM FCSD on scene. FCSD advised that is accident is near 825 S.

Update: At 5:30PM FCEMS on scene.

Update: At 6:04PM all emergency units have cleared the scene.

Just in from scanner: Oven fire near 1100 North block of Main St in Bruce Lake. Caller advise that this is an oven fire but may spread to rest of house. KFD, RFD, Aubbee Fire, FCEMS, and FCSD has been dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE: Caller advise that the fire is out.

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