Serving Fulton, Cass, Pulaski, Marshall, Miami, Wabash, and Kosciusko Counties in Indiana!

From the scanner: At about 3:15 PM FCSD toned out RFD to a utility trailer fire near Mitchell and Liberty. There is an officer on scene and advise that an extinguisher will be able to put out the fire.


UPDATE(3:22 PM): FCSD got another call from the fire scene and was advised that the fire is out, but could use some water to cool it down. RFD is on scene.

UPDATE(3:34 PM): RFD has cleared the scene and back in service.

Just in from scanner: RPD got a report of a stole vehicle from Rochester Telephone Company in Rochester, IN. Vehicle is a white Jeep Liberty with a large blue RTC decal on the side. The vehicle was stolen at 3:28 PM. Suspect is described as a white male with black shorts on with an unknown direction of travel.

UPDATE(4:35 PM): RPD advised the plate on the stolen vehicle is 289JV.

UPDATE(5:00 PM): RPD advised a full description of the suspect is a white male, about 6' 2", thin build, short dark hair, gray basketball type shorts, sweatshirt, and white tennis shoes.

UPDATE(6:14 PM): FCSD now have the stolen vehicle stopped near 375 N and US 31. FCSD also advise that suspect now custody. RPD on scene.

UPDATE(6:23 PM): RPD transported suspect to Fulton County Jail.

Just in from scanner: FCSD got a report of a woods that is on fire, near 10000 West block of 700 North. Aubbee Fire and KFD has been dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE(6:09 PM): Aubbee Fire is enroute to the scene.

UPDATE(6:11 PM): Aubbee Fire is now on scene.

UPDATE(6:16 PM): KFD now on scene.

UPDATE(6:51 PM): Aubbee Fire has cleared the scene.


On the scanner: FCSD received an alarm call at Steve's Quick Stop gas station, located at 6th and Main St in Rochester. RPD was dispatched to the scene. When RPD arrived on scene, glass was found broken. An investigation was started, only to find out that 2 juveniles was involved in this. Since this case involves juveniles this is all that will be said.  

Just in from scanner: FCSD got a report of a personal injury accident near Mike Anderson's Car Dealership on Main St in Rochester, IN. RFD, RPD, ISP, and FCEMS has been dispatched to the scene. Caller reports possible just minor injuries.

UPDATE(4:50 PM): FCEMS is now on scene. RPD and ISP on scene. ISP advised that RFD can disregard per FCEMS.

UPDATE(4:52 PM): ISP requested a wrecker.



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